Looking after your mental health is as important as looking after your physical health – the two go hand-in-hand – but taking time for yourself to chill out and de-stress isn’t always as easy as people make it look.

Thankfully there are loads of digital tools out there to help you do just that. Ready to relax? Come with us as we take quick, calming look at the best mindfulness apps around…

Headspace | Android, iOS

Headspace, hailed as the go-to meditation app, has millions of fans and positive reviews for good reason: it’s incredibly straightforward to get to grips with. It packs in dozens of spoken-word exercises that’ll sweet-talk you into a meditative state, each one lasting around 10 minutes. The free app starts off with a 10-session pack to get you started, and it’ll set you back €9.95 a month (or €71.88 for the whole year) to continue your journey – complete with simple, addictive stats to track your mindfulness progress.

The Mindfulness App | Android, iOS

The aptly-named The Mindfulness App proffers over 200 guided and personalized meditation sessions to help you on your journey towards maximum Zen. It’s similar to the others listed here in many ways but, handily, a large chunk of it is free. It has a few unique features too, like letting you store meditations offline, and it’ll even challenge you along the way. You can, naturally, fork out for a premium version, too. For €9.10 a month, you can get unlimited access to the premium library, or you can pay €0.90 for each session.


Buddhify | Android, iOS

Unlike the subscription-based mindfulness available elsewhere here, Buddhify is a little different in that it asks you for a single (€1.99) payment up-front. You get plenty for your cash, though; the app organises its meditation sessions by theme, which are based on how you’re feeling or what you’re up to. From waking up to taking a work break, or if you’re struggling to drop off to sleep. With more than 80 tracks to explore, you’ll definitely find something to calm your wandering mind.

Omvana | Android, iOS

If you find yourself constantly short on time, free app Omvana could be just the ticket. Billed as your personal mindfulness and meditation teacher, it packs in thousands of tracks, meditations and guided sessions that can last anywhere from three to 60 minutes, letting you find something to suit your busy schedule. It even plugs into Apple’s Healthkit service, too.


Sattva | Android, iOS

Sattva aims to inspire you to meditate every day, boasting a host of guided meditations, timers, and mood trackers, and you can also queue up a playlist to act as the soundtrack to your ideal meditation session. It’s free to get started and, unlike some other apps that throw you straight into the deep end, Sattva tries its best to explain to you why you’re doing what you’re doing. There’s also an Apple Watch app available too, while monthly or yearly pro subscriptions let you unlock even more features.