Stay on top of your game 

Staying hydrated is essential in summer, but it's also the key to making your workouts more effective, and even losing weight.

We’ve already looked at how you can safely and effectively exercise during the summer heatwave, but even if you’re just commuting to work in the heat – or simply walking to the shops – it’s still crucial to keep an eye on your water intake. Got an iPhone or Android smartphone at hand? Whatever your plans this summer, these are the apps you need to help keep tabs on your thirst-quenching.

Waterlogged | Free, Android, iOS
Why we like it: Cool camera features
A free app that simply reminds you to drink water when it’s hot is hardly worth the space on your smartphone’s precious storage, so it’s a good thing Waterlogged does much more. As well as providing you with graphs and data analysis of your water intake – in milliliters and ounces to sate users on both sides of the Atlantic – Waterlogged lets you snap photos of your bottles and keep track using them, keeping things visual and simple.

Hydro Coach | Free, Android
Why we like it: It’s personalised to you
If you tower over your colleagues and can crush a two litre bottle with one hand, you probably need to drink more than the next person – there’s no one size fits all recommended amount. Hydro Coach stands out from the crowd on the Google Play store by factoring in your age, weight, lifestyle and other variants and making sure you hit your daily personal water requirement. Pick out a glass or bottle from the list that most resembles your own and you’re on your way.


Waterbalance | Free, Android, iOS
Why we like it: Addictive progress achievements
Motivation works differently for everyone. Some need gentle reminders to make small life changes, others need reward. Waterbalance does a great job of gamifying your water intake, encouraging you to drink your recommended daily intake with a chart of your body filling up to the top, and in-app achievements to unlock as you progress.

iHydrate | Free, iOS
Why we like it: It’s not just about H2O
Not all liquids hydrate equally, something which many water intake apps overlook. Sure, there’s water in coffee – depending on how strong you like it – but caffeine also plays a part in dehydration. The popular iHydrate app lets you log drinks from soda to wine alongside water, giving you a more accurate idea of your hydration levels. Perfect if you’re an all-day tea drinker, or Diet Coke obsessive.

Plant Nanny | Free, Android, iOS
Why we like it: It’s more of a game than an app
If a visual icon of a water bottle or a glass just isn’t incentive enough to keep monitoring your intake, you could always take the full on Tamagotchi approach instead. Plant Nanny is an adorable pet plant that lives on your phone, and will grow as you drink throughout the day – or wither away if you don’t. It’s an extreme metaphor, sure, but for fans of games like Nintendogs or Cut The Rope, an easy way to guilt yourself into keeping well hydrated.