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It’s time to lace up, limber up, and learn things you never knew before. It’s time to Get Going…
Fitness is a journey. The Olympic athlete at the top of their game and the reluctant runner lacing up for that scary first jog around the block both know that, and so do we. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter where or when the mythical end point for your journey might lie. What matters more is just having started. Just being on that road. Just having thought, “I need to get going,” no matter what ‘get going’ looks like to you.
That’s where we come in. We know it’s cheesy when big brand blogs talk about how ‘passionate’ they are about their field – by talking about their products. But this isn’t that. Instead, the TomTom Sports blog is a place where people who truly ‘get’ sports and fitness can debunk the myths, smash the barriers, and make it easier for us all to get going. This blog is not about our products. It’s about every stage of your fitness journey, and it’s a platform from which we can knock sports off of its lofty pedestal.
And to do that, we’ll be taking deep dives and quick dips into every facet of the world of health, fitness, sports, and active pastimes.
Here you’ll learn about the science behind feeling motivated, how to eat, sleep, and think more productively, how to shave minutes off your PB, and how the world around you is changing to match your fitness needs. You’ll encounter stories that span from science labs to snowy mountaintops, and you’ll glean inspiring titbits from budding sport enthusiasts and pros alike…
Moreover, we want to make reaching your goals easier than it’s ever been. To that end, you’ll see that we’ve made it simple to filter and find stories on the site by three themes: Get Started, Get Better, or Get Inspired.
These pillars are designed to help you get the insight and inspiration you need to get going on your specific journey – whether you’re Usain Bolt screaming along a 100 metre straight, or a working mum weaving your way around a busy work schedule.
Because, hey, if fitness really is a journey, we’d love to be your map. Welcome to the TomTom Sports blog.